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Entering, Exiting, Swimming Around Buoys…

  • Safety first
    • Look for rocks, shells, holes…etc.
    • Go out a day before and watch the waves (frequency, height)
  • High knees (start-water at mid thigh)
    • Keep the running pace
    • Swing feet outward
    • Make sure ankles clear the water
  • Dolphining (mid thigh- belly button)
    • Make sure you dive under waves and not over them
    • The bigger the wave the lower to the ground you want to be


  • Dive under
  • Grab sand
  • Bring feet to hands
  • Jump up and over


  • Swim until your hand touches the floor
  • Bring feet to hands
  • Start running
  • After clearing water pull hat and goggles off and unzip wetsuit

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