Short Blade Training Fin

Fast Tempo Fins

  • Optimum comfort
  • Short blade allows maximum kick tempo
  • Side fins provides maximum propulsion
  • 100% Silicon creates a natural flex and response
  • Promotes short, fast kicks
  • Design creates a natural flow to the flutter kick
  • Improves body strength and body position

Notice: Fins can not be returned once they are purchased.

Sizing: For youths that are still growing, we recommend buying our Fit Right and using a larger fin if you are in between sizes. You will be more comfortable with an oversized fin and our Fit Right than squeezing into a tight fin. Plus this will allow you to use your fins longer as you grow up in sizes. This is a much easier option that trying to get wet feet into booties.

Size Chart:

Women Men Euro
XS 5-6 3.5-4.5 35-36
S 6.5-7.5 5-6 37-38
M 8-9 6.5-7.5 39-40
L 9.5-10 8-8.5 41-42
XL 10.5-12 9-10.5 43-44

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