Resistance Gloves

Feel the Water / Power the Stroke

Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

Supplemental Uses

• Use over your hand (or fist) for resistance to both the recovery and the stroke
• Use as sensory mitts to increase awareness of your hand position through the stroke, outsweep, recovery, and entry
• Can add the ONE Weight Bags to add weight as weighted gloves for more recovery power development (attach bags with the ONE Wrist Straps)

Technique / Sensory Uses for Resistance Gloves:
• All Strokes – focus on hand position through stroke (entry, catch, power, outsweep, and recovery)
• Backstroke – Focus on Recovery by seeing water trail as hand recovers
• Breaststroke – Added resistance to the hands focuses attention on the recovery phase
• Breaststroke – can help encourage over-water recovery
• Butterfly – Added weight (wet gloves) builds recovery muscles
• Butterfly – Added weight ensures you keep arms well out of the water on recovery

Train Longer, Higher Kick for Younger Swimmers (10 and under)

• They won’t fit everyone of course but they are great to train more kick awareness of young swimmers on their small feet
• Be sure to provide close supervision over the kids as they use these.

Upgrade ONE Drag Cups for more Resistance
• Cover the ONE Drag Cups when you use them on your hips, fins, knees and more
• By covering the openings of the ONE Drag Cups, you greatly increase the resistance of the cups.
To Use: Slide over the cups and tighten, then close the second strap as well

Motivate Dive/Breakout Speed (Controlled Sinker)

• Make a ‘sinker’ by combining 1-2 Weight Bags inside or the Resistance Gloves
• Throw it into the water as the start buzzer sounds for a diver… target a distance that will challenge their speed to catch it before it sinks too deep
• Slow down the sinker by adding ping pong balls or such if needed
Mates With: ONE Weight Bags, light floatation of your own if needed

Ideal for ‘Recurved Fingers’:

• ONE Resistance Gloves are one of the best ways to train swimmers to curve their fingers forward instead of upward
• The gloves create a tactile response to help swimmers focus on the engagement of their fingers