Resistance Gloves

  • Use as Sensory Resistance Gloves (fist or open hand)
    • Help power your recovery muscles
    • Increase awareness of stroke technique
    • Increase awareness of hand entry
  • Use as SB Power Bags on feet of kids under 10
  • Use for added resistance over the SB Drag Cups
  • Use as drag leggings for your forearms or elbows
  • Combine with the SB Weight Bags on wrists







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Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

Supplemental Uses

• Use over your hand (or fist) for resistance to both the recovery and the stroke
• Use as sensory mitts to increase awareness of your hand position through the stroke, outsweep, recovery, and entry
• Can add the SB Weight Bags to add weight as weighted gloves for more recovery power development (attach bags with the SB Wrist Straps)
To Use: Tighten black strap and then flip the bag inside-out to keep the top strap contained in the bag

Technique / Sensory Uses for Resistance Gloves:
• All Strokes – focus on hand position through stroke (entry, catch, power, outsweep, and recovery)
• Backstroke – Focus on Recovery by seeing water trail as hand recovers
• Breaststroke – Added resistance to the hands focuses attention on the recovery phase
• Breaststroke – can help encourage over-water recovery
• Butterfly – Added weight (wet gloves) builds recovery muscles
• Butterfly – Added weight ensures you keep arms well out of the water on recovery

Train Longer, Higher Kick for Younger Swimmers (10 and under)

• They won’t fit everyone of course but they are great to train more kick awareness of young swimmers on their small feet
To Use: First tighten the black strap and flip the bag inside-out (to contain the black strap from hanging down. keep the red strap around the ankle (can be loose). Be sure to provide close supervision over the kids as they use these.

Upgrade SB Drag Cups for more Resistance
• Cover the SB Drag Cups when you use them on your hips, fins, knees and more
• By covering the openings of the SB Drag Cups, you greatly increase the resistance of the cups.
To Use: Slide over the cups and tighten, then close the second strap as well

Motivate Dive/Breakout Speed (Controlled Sinker)

• Make a ‘sinker’ by combining 1-2 Weight Bags inside or the Resistance Gloves
• Throw it into the water as the start buzzer sounds for a diver… target a distance that will challenge their speed to catch it before it sinks too deep
• Slow down the sinker by adding ping pong balls or such if needed
Mates With: SB Weight Bags, light floatation of your own if needed

Drag sleeves

• Use over your forearms or elbows
• Add drag resistance like leggings for your arms
• Over the elbows they can increase awareness of your breast pull and recovery
• To Use: make sure the black strap is UP and the red strap is down so they flexible black strap can bite into your soft muscles

Ideal for ‘Recurved Fingers’:

• SB Resistance Gloves are one of the best ways to train swimmers to curve their fingers forward instead of upward
• The gloves create a tactile response to help swimmers focus on the engagement of their fingers