• Affordable upgrade to convert most blocks
  • Easy to install on any block that allows a strap underneath
  • Installs in the center of the block
  • Easy to change positions (push forward to unlock, back to lock)
  • When not in use, simply leave chocks off
  • Works for any age or size swimmer





    Complete Kit (center track, two wedges, strap)

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    Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

    How to install

  • Center the Track in the middle of the Block
  • Slide the track so the metal L-bracket presses against the back of the block
  • Wrap the strap around the bottom of the block and through the buckle
  • (keep the strap flat for the tightest fit)

    How to adjust:

    Installing strap /buckle

    Push wedge forward to unlock

    Push the wedge backward to lock

    Swimmer using in far back position

    Swimmer using in a close position