At Home Dryland

Elevate Home Dryland with Swim Specific Movements

  • Normal dryland will NOT replace in-water muscle development (learn more here)
  • Add equipment to make each exercise more difficult, depending on your personal level

Products in Kits:

  • Short stretch cord- engages the catch (normal long cords don’t engage until the end of the outsweep)
  • Stretch Cord Fingertip Paddle- ensures ideal stroke technique and proper swim muscle order of engagement
  • TRS System- a suspension system that helps elevate your hands/feet for harder workouts (for more info)
  • Latex Knee Band- ideal for preventative and recovery exercises (link for more info)
  • Physio Ball- to add instability and core exercises
  • Weight Bags- add to the intensity of any and all exercise (on your wrists or ankles) (for more info)

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For Doorway Mounting:

  • Hook far end over the doorknob on the side of the door that opens towards you
  • Drape strap over the door
  • Close the door and use from the opposite side


At Home Dryland Kits

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