At Home Dryland

Elevate Home Dryland with Swim Specific Movements

  • Normal dryland will NOT replace in-water muscle development, our products are coach-designed to target swim muscles.
  • Our dryland products are designed to build swim specific muscles.
  • We make dryland easy, to direct over Zoom, for all levels of swimmers at the same time.
  • ONE workout can target all of your groups by adding variations for stronger swimmers.
  • Add equipment to make each exercise more difficult.
  • Our Stretch Cord Paddle can be attached for fingertip or palm engagement (our competitors ONLY engage from the palm).
  • Elevate hands/feet on a plank using the TRS system, a stretch cord over the shoulders, etc. (find workout blocks HERE)

We offer a range of kits to target different development levels of swim groups (click HERE for exercises for each kit)

Scroll down to see our kits and products such as:

  • Unique Finger-tip Engagement stretch cords- engages the fingertips into a high catch
  • Unique short stretch cord- fully engages the catch (normal long cords don’t activate until the end of the outsweep)
  • Lat muscle products
  • High elbow catch products

For Doorway Mounting:

  • Hook far end over the doorknob on the side of the door that opens towards you
  • Drape strap over the door
  • Close the door and use from the opposite side

At Home Dryland Kits

Individual Items and Accessories