Train for Perfection- New Swimmer Training Program

Swimming with ‘perfection’ will always be a point of contention within the industry as no 2 people will likely ever agree on what a ‘perfect stroke’ really looks like.   Many point out that each person should have a customized list of stroke details that are unique to their body type and conditioning.   Certainly the age and experience of each swimmer also dictates what is ‘perfect’ considering the conditioning of young swimmers versus Olympians.  And of course we all must hope that stroke details will constantly evolve and improve in order for the industry to get faster over time.  So the swimming industry must evolve and moreso each swimmer must evolve.

This is also a very good program for your summer program for all of your coaches to be on the same page and coaching techniques.


‘Training for Perfection’ is part of that evolution.  Many in the past have provided endless videos or plenty of still photos.  However, due to the disagreement over what is ‘perfect’, few sources have taken the risk of ‘choosing sides’ and summarizing a complete series of how to train each stroke.  To ‘choose a side’ often means you may promote a stroke technique that is contrary to many Olympians and thus many avoid such risk and just show everything equally.  Much of the ‘side’ we have chosen for ‘Training for Perfection’ is based on the science and experience from and Dr Rod Havriluk.  95% of all modern technique is agreed by nearly all parties, but in the cases of the remaining 5%, we have put considerable research into Dr Havrluk’s teachings and fully agree with the propulsion principals and swimmer safety that he has developed for that remaining 5% of the technique that tends to separate this industry.  At the  start of each stroke webpage, we provide a brief description of those 5% differences as a reference.


So in ‘Training for Perfection’ we attempt a new way of training support by combining still photos, short video clips, short training clips, illustrations of ‘problems’, and full length videos to create what we hope you find as the most comprehensive training system available.  We are constantly updating and improving this site while still trying to keep it user friendly and simple for phone viewers so it can be quick to access on the pool deck where it is needed most.  So give us feedback and we will keep making it better!