Who’s Using?

Who is Using Our Products?

College and Professional Teams:

University of California, San Diego (Coach David Marsh, 2016 Olympic Head Coach)

Check out UCSD’s post using the SwimmersBest StrokeRight


University of Georgia, Athens (Coach Jack Bauerle)

Pro Eel-Fin, 1SwimChute, Precision Paddle, The Brute, and field testing new prototype products


Georgia Tech (Mike Norment)

Power Bags, Pro Eel-Fin, Precision Paddle, and field testing new prototype products


University of Virginia (Todd DeSorbo)

Indiana University Hoosiers (Coach Ray Looze)

University of Alabama (Coach Dennis Pursley)

University of Illinois


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Ohio State University


New Zealand Paralympic Team

Rice University (Head Coach Seth Huston)
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Team Elite

Indiana University

East Carolina University

Boston College

Texas Christian University

Gardner-Webb University

Southern Methodist University

Colgate University

Soka University

North Carolina Asheville College

Saint Bonaventure College

Naval Academy

Barton College

Washington College

Saint Leo University

Whitworth University

Age Group Teams/Coaches:

3D Aquatics
Naples Tiger Sharks
Cameron Family YMCA
JCC Sailfish
Methacation HS
Gael Aquatics
Swim GSA
David DeGeus
Liverpool HS
Bakersfield Swim Academy
Bloomington Normal Swim Club
Cyprus High School
Liverpool High School
Swim GSA
Tidal Wave Swimming
Paseo Aquatics