Backstroke Ledge

Cost Effective / Fast Install

Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

USA Swimming:
Racing Starts Certification Checklist
Teaching Racing Starts Safety Protocols and Checklist

How to Install:

  • Dual-Leg Block: Simply hang around the back of both legs.
  • Single-Leg Block: wrap the center of the strap around the leg 1 full rotation and then adjust to level out the Backstroke Ledge in the water

How to Adjust Height of Backstroke Ledge:

  • To shorten: pull up on the straps on both sides
  • To lengthen: Lift up on the buckle on either side of the Ledge and push down on the Ledge to lengthen

How to Adjust the Retraction Handle:

  • It is best to NOT adjust the strap on the Ledge itself (extra strap length can get tangled on the swimmer)
  • Instead adjust the length of the handle strap by adjusting the buckle on the handle
  • Adjust the length so there is enough to reach SB Backstroke Ledge and the block but short enough that it takes minimal effort to lift the handle to pull the Ledge out of the water
  • NOTE: the strap should extend UNDER the block and up the back to the handle on the block (NOT up in front of the block)

How to legally put feet on Backstroke Ledge: