Train Savage

What is Train Savage?

  • The Largest FREE Swim Specific Resource
  • A complete plan for you to start running your own Swim Specific Dryland
  • Unique HIIT training methods for all your in-water needs
  • Dryland and in-water training from new swimmers through pros
  • Categorizes exercises ‘movements’ into specific parts of the stroke
    • Build the high catch and outsweep of Butterfly and Breaststroke
    • Build the Breaststroke Kick, Wall Power, and Start Power
  • Tons of full workouts ready to be used
  • Complete with: Pictures, Descriptions, Do’s and Don’t’s
  • This is a shared document with tons of worksheets on each topic
  • You are free to move around and focus on the topics that interest you

What is Train Savage Combinations?

  • One of our training methods is to combine in-water with dryland at the same time (TS Combos)
  • So many teams don’t have any dryland program or their program is boring and stale
  • TS Combos solves several problems:
    • By targeting swim-specific movements on dryland and then swimming the swimmers learn the value of dryland in their program (thus ideal to help restart your dryland program)
    • By bundling the right dryland movements just before swimming, we can help create the proper muscle engagement chain, so they learn to swim faster and more efficiently
    • By bundling dryland with in-water we can bypass endless junk yardage and more quickly target a muscle group we want to tire out just prior to racing in-water