Hyper Alignment Kickboard

The True Alignment Kickboard!

  • Reduce shoulder, neck and lower-back injuries
  • Improve streamline and body alignment
  • Increase surface kicking speed
  • Improve posture and distance off walls
  • Improve turn quality
  • Improve undulations
  • Improve ankle flex
  • Engages Fingertips off the walls without excess lift
  • Great for Young Swimmers as a confidence builder!
  • Use the Hyper board as a Transitional Kick Trainer
  • Great for 1-arm stroking while holding body in proper position
    All other boards, even ‘Alignment kickboards:’

  • Force the body upward during streamlines off walls
  • Cause shoulder strain
  • Remove the value of turns, streamlines, and undulations off walls

Sold individually (each with a neoprene band)










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Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

Great for 6-kick switch and other alternating drills

Multiple Holding Options:

  • 1 hand under the strap (good for single arm drills)
  • Both hands under the strap (forces Hyper Streamline body)
  • Hands above the strap, grip the indented sides
  • Stroking power (notch into the front to grab the center)