Weight Bags

Targeted Muscle Development

Additional Uses:

  • Pinpoint precise areas to add weight to your strokes and kicks
  • Lightweight (1/2 lb [blue] or 1/4 lb [red] ea) to dial-in a total weight to suit your needs
  • Target the upkick muscles for all strokes by adding around arch of feet
  • Designed with loose beads to confirm to your body
  • Train technique such as:
    • Around arch of feet to upkick at finish of breaststroke
    • Around hand of fingers to drive backstroke hands down on catch
    • Speed up flip turns and open turns
  • Develop Power such as:
    • Around waist to power dives off blocks or back starts
    • Around wrists/hands to power arm recovery muscles
    • Around ankles/feet to power recovery leg muscles
    • Inside Power Bags as a skirt for frontal drag resistance
  • 1.5 lb bag:
    • Triple chamber bags with 1.5 pounds of total weight
    • Fit over our waist belts
    • Can slide your entire hand through them for ‘fist drill’
    • Ideal for all sorts of dryland drills
  • Weight Pouch:
    • Neoprene pouches can be filled with any of our weights
    • Fill with 3-5 pounds of our Weight Bags
    • Insert our 1.5 Bags, 1/2 lb bags, or 1/4 lb bags
    • Pouches slide over any of our 2″ wide belts
    • Great for in-water, vertical kicking, and dryland