Team Sponsorship by ONE

  • No contracts! No gimmicks! No games!
  • Just good product at great prices
  • Keep your choice for swimsuit brand and add us for equipment!
  • Ask Bethany about our sponsorship packages available for colleges (even if you have a swimsuit sponsor)






Buy Direct from Bethany at our Bulk Prices ($100/order + S/H)
Set up a Team Portal w/discounted prices for swimmers to buy direct from us
We bundle all of your purchases to calculate your store credit at year end


  • To qualify for the year-end credit we need to confirm:
    • Our brand is on your website as a sponsor
    • You include our website portal on your website
    • Send us a photo of our banner at your pool (either our banner, or our brand on your banner)
  • We ask that we can include your logo on our website
  • Social media:
    • Post your swimmers using our products and receive $5 additional store credit for each post (limit of 10 per year)
    • We ask that we can re-post on our social media



    Annual Purchases Store Credit* Free Caps Coach Shirts Banner
    $1200 $100 20 2 ONE shirts 1 ONE banner
    $1500 $150 50 4 ONE shirts 2 ONE banners
    $2500 $300 80 6 team logo shirts** 1 Team/ONE banner

* store credit based on annual purchases (at year end) for combined bulk and portal prices (not MSRP prices like other sponsors use for their equipment bonus)
** 1 color team logo – embroidery or heat press vinyl (your choice)