Ensure a High Elbow w/Stretch Cords

  • Create a ‘high elbow’ or EVF catch with dryland exercises
  • Cuff applies pressure to the elbow so the fingertips press first
  • Clips onto the handles of nearly any stretch cord, pulley machine, etc…
  • Swimmers are trained to apply ‘pressure to the fingers’
  • More efficient to develop lat/teres minor muscles than in-water options (because there is no opposing force on dominate hand muscles like in-water options)

Paddle can be used 3 ways:










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Who’s Using?
University of California, San Diego (Coach David Marsh, 2016 Olympic Head Coach)
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How to Use:
1. Clip the carabiner onto the straps on the back of the handle used on your stretch cords or pulley system
2. Wrap the 1SwimCuff around the lower bicep (just above the elbow)
3. Tighten/loosen the tether between the carabiner and the 1SwimCuff so that the paddle is slightly loose in your hand (just slightly) when you are in a ‘high elbow’ or EVF position.
4. All users should be trained/taught that the key element to using this system properly is to ‘constantly keep pressure on your fingers’ and to ‘be sure to engage the fingertips first’ when you first engage the power of your pull. This will ensure that the leverage is initially applied to the hand and not to the elbow.