Jet Belt Kit

Lift the Hips for New Swimmers

  • Our Junior 1SwimBelt + 2 Float bags + 2 sling straps
  • Adds tons of confidence to new swimmers
  • Great for keeping the hips up for free/back kick training
  • Trains the feeling of swimming with feet at the surface
  • Comes with 2 Sling straps so it will convert to our Jet Pack


    Belt will fit most sizes under 11 year old
    (The bags will also fit on our regular 1SwimBelt for larger swimmers)







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    Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

    As a Belt:

  • Bags slide to the small of the back (or stomach) for kick training

    Belt version compared to our sling designs:

  • Jet Belt is better for individuals (not a group shared item)
  • Jet Belt takes some time to install on each swimmer but
    it reduces the time of them getting on and off between uses.
    Hence it is better if you have enough for each swimmer