Restrict Knee Bend

Transform Your Kick!

  • Stop excessive knee bending on free, back, and fly
  • Stop trying to kick with the front of the calves
  • Train better underwater (chest-led) undulations
  • Great for flow drills (such as on the back with arms down)
  • Help connect the core on butterfly stroke
  • Help stop ‘bicycle kicking’
  • Build recovery muscles and engage the Glutes
  • Use with Fins for massive recovery muscle development!

    Think your kick is good already?

  • Lay on a bed or bench and kick… what muscles do you engage first?
  • You SHOULD be engaging your glutes (butt) muscles first

    Regular Size (for 13+ year old, most 11/12 year olds)
    Junior (8-10 year old, smaller 11/12 year olds)










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    Correcting Excessive Knee Bend

  • To resolve excessive knee bend (on FR, BK, or FL), simply use the FlexRight!
  • Such chronic problems don’t melt way immediately so use FlexRight regularly
  • Over time, the FlexRight will recruit the proper muscle groups for a great kick

    Transforming Everyone’s Kick

  • Don’t think you are ‘above’ the value of a new kick
  • Regular use of the FlexRight can improve the kick quality of even the very best
  • Recruit and build new muscles for a longer, faster kick
  • Amp it up by adding fins, power bags, or fins + power bags for an intense workout
  • Add our Weight Bags to the ankles (or feet) for better recovery muscles