Backyard Pool Resistance Swim Training

This isn’t your grandma’s water aerobics. This isn’t aqua jogging. This is swim training for competitive athletes. Whether you are a competitive swimmer, a triathlete, or looking for professional ways to condition yourself in your backyard pool, we have the tools and workouts to meet your needs. We have divided up our at-home training programs into three categories to best meet your needs. Click on one of these three links to learn more.

If you are a competitive swimmer or training to race in lap pools, then this link is where you want to go. (click here)

If you are not a competitive swimmer, but want to use your backyard pool for conditioning and swim-in-place swimming, without flip turns or complicated sets, click here for products and workouts for swim-in-place with stationary tethers.

No matter what your interest, everyone can use our swim specific dryland products and methods. (click here)