Workout Blocks and Advice for Group Dryland

Here is a place you can use as a reference for dryland ideas and for advice for you at home dryland plans

If you would like to submit a Workout Block and get credit, email with your ideas!

Quick Advice

  • Make sure that the swimmers have their equipment laid out before they get on Zoom for their session
  • If one of your swimmers needs a StrokeRight, it might be helpful to have one yourself to demonstrate how to use
  • You can use the same workout for all of your groups and just add a variation to each workout

  • Workout Blocks

    Workout #1 presented by Nathan Wilson

    Equipment: ankle weights (0.5 lb ea ankle)
    3x through
    10 High Catch on Stretch Cord w/Fingertip Paddle ea arm
    15 Air Squats w/ side kicks
    20 High Knees

    Workout #2 presented by Hugh Cooper

    Equipment: 0.5lb ankle weight on ea leg, chair/stool
    As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) 20 mins
    10 burpees with jump squat why: quick on and off walls
    15 elevated pushups why: shoulder muscles for stroke power
    45 secs jump ropes (w/ or w/o rope) why: light cardio to get the heart up

    Workout #3 presented by Bethany Tilson

    AMRAP 15 mins
    Equipment: feet in TRS Stirrups
    1:00 plank
    10 High Catch each arm
    20 Mountain climbers
    10 push-ups

    Workout #4 presented by Shelby Wilson

    3x through
    Equipment: Latex Band and TRS
    20 Latex Band squats
    30 Mountain Climbers feet on TRS
    10 Push Ups Latex Band over elbows
    20 Donkey Kicks

    Workout #5 presented by ONE Swim

    Equipment: At Home Dryland Level 3 Kit
    4x through
    15 Narrow Rows (elbows next to the side) on TRS
    10 Push ups
    15 sit ups with .5 lbs on each Weight Bags on wrists

    Workout #6 presented by Eric Snell

    Equipment: At Home Dryland Level 1 Kit
    2x through
    15 high catch on each arm
    15 Latex Band Air Squats
    1:00 Planks
    15 Donkey Kicks w/Latex Band

    Workout #7 presented by Shelby Wilson

    Equipment: At Home Dryland Level 2 Kit
    20 Push Ups with arm reach extension feet in TRS Stirrups
    50 High Catch Stretch Cord w/Fingertip Paddle
    30 Squats w/Latex Band over knees