What is Train Savage?

  • The combination of In-water swim and Swim-specific dryland
  • This maximizes effort at the same time as swim technique
  • These sets help you focus on specific muscle chains, technique and race strategy

For Coaches: Ensures maximum effort while giving practices purpose
For Individuals: Keeps workouts productive, interesting and fun

For more explanation of #ONETrainSavage Click Here

For our Build-your-own-platform Click Here for swim-specific components


100 Fly w/Push Up Variations

Here you are focusing on the back half of your Fly races by tiring out the arms before an all out sprint. Click the Heading to read more.




Back Kick- Resisted Kicking/Tempo/Dryland Kicking

Focusing on Backstroke kick, we are doing a circuit with resistance, Dryland Kicking all while keeping the tempo. Click the heading to read more.




400 IM Main Set

#ONETrainSavage is working on the 400 IM and the stamina it take to race the 400 IM.



Kick, Resisted Skaters, Jump Ropes

This #ONETrainSavage is geared to work on the heart of the swimmer with the help of Jump Ropes, Resistance, and tempo kicking