Training with the Tech Snorkel

Important Notes:

  • The Tech Snorkel will not allow a range of stroke problems:
    • Crossing over on entry, lazy streamline off walls, looking too far forward, looking too far downward
  • MANY swimmers will struggle with the Tech Snorkel
  • We recommend that you phase the snorkel into your programs
Start Step 1-4 without the Extension
  1. If your swimmers have never used a snorkel before, have them go under water and allow the snorkel to fill with water. Then have them come up and blow out the water and continue to breathe through the snorkel with their goggles still in the water.
  2. Short distance flip turns: start at the T and have them come off the wall and continue to breathe. WARNING: if the swimmers are NOT fully in streamline BEFORE pushing off the wall, the Tech Snorkel will pull down on their lip. They should be warned before trying the flip turn.
  3. Practice flip turns with the Tech Snorkel. NO stroking. Make sure they are comfortable breathing to the side of the mouth without a mouth piece, streamlining properly, and exhaling properly.
  4. Add fins to kick sets to train swimmers to squeeze their biceps to their head and relax the jaw between the flags
Add the Extension for steps 5-8
  1. Practice flip turns with the Extension
  2. Slow speed Freestyle into turn
  3. Increase speed of flip- make sure they are in perfect streamline off the walls
  4. Full stroking Freestyle

Possible problems with the Tech Snorkel:

  1. Jaw locking up: Train for a relaxed jaw while swimming with the Tech Snorkel
    • Start by doing kick sets in streamline
  2. Bicep grabbing the top of the snorkel
    • Make sure the mouth piece is in the same side of the mouth that the snorkel is wrapping around the head and lined up with the spine
    • Make sure the back of the snorkel is above the spine
    • Make sure the swimmer is not crossing over on the entry
  3. Snorkel coming off, off the wall
    • Not in tight streamline
  4. Filling up with water
    • Looking too far up
    • Looking too far down

Fixing Problems

Fix unstable head
  • With the Extension!
  • The snorkel will move from side to side if there is any lateral movement
  • Coach will see the side-to-side movement of the snorkel
  • Swimmer will feel the added weight of the extension move side-to-side
Fix looking too far down/forward
  • Swim normal sets with the snorkel
Improve streamline off walls
  • Power strokes into and off the walls
Improve head position
  • Pull only
  • Swim sets varying speed (3-5 high speed strokes followed by 3-5 slow speed strokes)
Improve workouts
  • Mid pool breakouts
  • Kick sets with hard breakout strokes
  • Hard strokes into and off the walls
  • 3-5 strokes at High Speed followed by 5-7 Slow Speed