Training with the Precise Paddle

How to Use the Precise Paddle

Fix a subtle dropped elbow
  • Bending elbow drill with Precise (arms extended at 45-degree angle, swinging arm under elbow stropping at a 90-degree angle)
Fix a leading elbow on outsweep
  • Catch up at thigh with Precise Paddles
Fix a straight arm engagement (with Wrist Trainer and Power Pad)
  • Bending elbow with Precise with the Wrist Trainer and Power Pad
  • Single arm stopping at each 5 point with Precise, Wrist Trainer, and Power Pad
Improve a high forearm catch
  • Bending elbow drill with Precise Paddle
Improve the feel for the water
  • Sculling drills
Improve workouts
  • Pre-set
    • Sculling drills
    • Bending elbow drill
  • Main Set
    • High speed with the Precise Paddle
      • test the efficiency of the high elbow
      • test the point of exit