Tech Snorkel

Tech Snorkel

  • The most stable ‘off the wall’ snorkel on the market!
  • Higher out of water than any other snorkel (with removable extension)
  • Trains a neutral head position
  • Trains to breath out the side of the mouth
  • Forces tight streamline arms off EVERY wall
  • Easy for coach to see unwanted head movement
  • Shortest and longest snorkel on the market (with removable extension)
  • The ONLY snorkel available that truly impacts the head position
  • Prevents head from driving underwater (when used without the extension)
  • Hold a FRACTION of the water as any other snorkel
  • The easiest snorkel to clear









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Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

More than just a snorkel!

Improve Streamlines Off Walls

  • Frankly, the Tech Snorkel will pinch your mouth if you are not fully in streamline as you push off the wall
  • There is no other way to KNOW that you are fully in streamline at the precise moment of force
  • This one function makes the Tech Snorkel a must-have for competitive swimmers
  • Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):

    • Don’t get mad when you FEEL the mouthpiece off the wall… get your arms locked sooner!
    • Any pressure on your mouth as you leave the wall, should tell you to get your arms up faster
    • Using the Tech Snorkel to Fine Tune Flip Turns

      Head Position into Breakouts

      • When using the extension on the Tech Snorkel, it discourages you from looking up into your breakout
      • The added extension adds awareness of the head position to the swimmer minimized head ‘bobble’

      Head Position While Stroking

      • Show how close the snorkel is to the surface above the head (without extension)
      • Show breaststroke with head up and Tech Snorkel dipping underwater

      Many swimmers incorrectly feel that they gain power when they drive their head underwater
      Without the extension, Tech Snorkel is VERY close to the surface and will go ‘under’ if diving the head down
      Without the extension, swimmers will feel their head about to intake water on heads up breaststroke

      Patent Pending