Team Dryland

What team dryland should focus on:

  1. Muscle Chain
  2. Building the individual muscles in the chain.

Muscle Chains: the order in which each muscle is engaged

  • Swim Pull Kinetic Chain: 1. Trap, 2. Forearm, 3. Bicep, 4. Lat, 5. Triceps
  • Swim Flutter Kick (down kick) Kinetic Chain: 1. Quads, 2. Calves
  • Swim Flutter Kick (recovery kick) Kinetic Chain: 1. Glutes, 2. Hamstrings, 3. Calves
  • More muscle chains are found in the Train Savage Components file

Time and schedule:

  • Be prepared to block out 30-45 mins for dryland work
  • Start with 30 mins and once they can easily do this increase the time
  • We recommend starting with 2 circuits (15 mins / circuit)
  • Plan out a weekly chart on what muscle chain you will focus on for each day (2 Muscle Chains / day)

Example of our National Prep Group Dryland

Progression of exercises:

  1. Focus on form
  2. Once you have decent form on exercises, add small weight or resistance to the exercises
  3. When the kids can do with weight, add another component to make exercise harder NOTE: weight will vary between kids so keep an eye out and modify weight per swimmer

Example of Squat progression (which is a good exercise for the Wall Power Muscle Chain)

  1. Regular Squat no weight- double check form
  2. Squat with 6lb Slam Ball/Sandbag/Quick Sand/Med Ball held at chest
  3. Squat with Latex Knee Band above knees
  4. Squat with Latex Knee Band AND weight held at the chest
  5. Squat HOLD in down position and do bicep curls with 2-6 lbs