Swim Team Training

Bethany Coaching 3 - cropped & borderBethany runs a year-round swim team in our home pool in Pike County Georgia as well as the Coach for the summer league, Griffin Gators. For the year-round team, the goals of her training are to help swimmers access new techniques with an efficient blend of:

Classroom Training (diagrams and key words before hitting the pool)
Tactile Training (with her specially designed equipment and the Endless Pool)
Visual Training (with the latest video and computer software)
Lane/Lap Training (nothing matters until you put it into action and then at race pace)
Conditioning Training (Putting it all together for long-term development)

Training sessions are from 6:00 – 7:00 pm Mon-Thursday.

Contact Bethany for more information.

Swim Clinics – In House

Bethany conducts swim clinics every other Saturday in our 2-lane pool with an Endless Pool. Each clinic focuses on specific techniques such as 2-handed turns, flip turns, Early Vertical Forearm, breakouts, and such. The topic for each clinic is determined a few weeks in advance. Call us with your needs and schedule and we will fit you in.

Swim Clinics – On Site

Bethany and Swimmersbest offers a wide range of swim clinics for your team at your pool. We specialize in unique drills and methods to improve techniques in the most efficient ways possible. Call us for availability and a customized training plan.