SwimmersBest Drill of the Month: Goggle Monster

By Torrey Hart
March 04th, 2019

SwimSwam thanks SwimmersBest for sponsoring “Drill of the Month.” This is a SwimSwam recurring feature that brings drills and idea submissions from various creative and innovative coaches all over the world.

February’s drill comes to us from Loggerhead Aquatics coaches Matej Tomas, a hall of fame swimmer at Fairmont State, and Lauren Neidigh, SwimSwam darling. They coach the team’s silver group along with Heather Coutts. Demonstrating the drill is 8-year-old Austin Tomas, Matej’s son and a Florida Age Group Championships qualifier.

“We call it goggle monster drill because we have them practice swimming like a ‘one-eyed goggle monster,’” the coaches said.

1. Hold a board out with one arm and pull with the other, breathing to the side of the pulling arm. Holding the board out front helps the swimmer keep a stable upper body position.
2. Breathe every stroke, and practice breathing with only one goggle eye coming fully out of the water in order to get the proper head position.
3. The pulling arm needs to extend all the way down to the thigh, and then all the way back up, so that it’s even with the dead arm. This is so that the swimmer practices “nice long strokes with good body position and proper breathing.”

Watch the drill below: