Stationary Swimming For Everyone!

Swim in place is beneficial for all swimmers, triathletes, and exercise enthusiasts. Swim in place training has been around for a long time but is there an actual benefit for even the serious competitive swimmer?

The short answer is yes! BUT to be more specific…This type of swimming can’t replace your regular training, but it is a good substitute while on vacation or traveling to places with small pools such as hotel pools or backyard pools.

There are many benefits to swim in place training:

  1. Cardio Work / HIIT System
    HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training which is the most effective way to train while using a stationary system. By training in bursts of speed for a set amount of time then going into a slower rest swim, you can get the heart rate up and push your muscles to the limit.
  2. Technique Work for all strokes
    Work on all of your strokes and stroke technique. With tethered swimming you are stationary which means you do not have to be distracted about hitting the wall. This way it makes it easy to focus on changing your technique.
  3. Perfect Travel Size
    This Swim-in-Place kit is perfect for travel. It can fit into any travel size bag.
  4. Works in any pool size

    Since you are able to adjust the tether to any length, you can practice in any size pool. If it is a traditional lap pool, a small backyard pool or an oddly shaped hotel pool, you can still fit in your training.
  5. Pre-made workouts
    Here is a link to workouts you can follow. This workout file gives you full workouts ready for you to use. The workouts include the items included in the kits. Everything you need for the workout is explained and included.
  6. Components to build your own workout

    In the same file mentioned above, you have the ability to make your own workouts based on the equipment you have and what stroke you would like to target. There are tons of different components to choose from to create your own workout.
  7. Videos/Descriptions

    Each of the components have a video explanation as well as a written description. The written description serves as a reminder while doing the workout. The video will tell you and show you exactly what to do and what not to do.

Bottom line is not to worry about where you are going and finding a pool because with stationary swimming you can swim in any pool.