Sports Drinks….Yes or No?

So, i got this promo for an electrolyte add-in drink today, and I realized that i didn’t actually know what the purpose of it was even though i have always heard of people replacing electrolytes and stuff with athletes. SO, i did some research for you guys in case you also did not know..

The basic idea:
Electrolytes (sodium) and Fluids (water) are important to basic bodily function. These two have to be balanced. One too much of either is not good, dehydration and hypohydration. Things like exercise, competition and very hot days, can disrupt the balance of electrolytes and water. Both of these are lost through sweat. Whatever is lost, needs to be replaced to keep that balance within normal range. With athletes that require less than 24hour recovery, like our kids, this needs to be replaced asap. Normal eating and drinking can replace these and bring it back to balance.

By my understanding, eating after practice and drinking water can replace these just as well as any sports drink. We do have to be careful with sports drinks because of all of the added sugars they have. I would suggest only looking into electrolyte drink during competition, especially if the meet is outdoor and if they are doing a ton of events per day to the point they are exerting a ton of energy.

Bottom Line:
1.) make sure your swimmer is drinking enough water
2.) make sure your swimmer eats a small snack before & after practice
3.) stay away from “sports” drinks, soda, and any other drink that is loaded with sugar.
4.) if you decide to use electrolyte add-in to water, do your research on what it has in it