Resistance Equipment

What is Resistance Training?

Resistance by definition is the slowing or stopping effect caused by one material on another. In swimming, this means a lot of different things in both in-water training and dryland. We will go through both Resistance Training in and out of the water.
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In-Water Resistance Equipment

When you think about in-water resistance, you instantly think about drag socks, parachutes, and long cords. All of these are awesome for training. Each of the resistance equipment helps the swimmer think about a different part of the race. Here are the different in-water resistance products we offer:


Dryland Resistance Equipment

Dryland is something that can help your stroke technique, strength, reaction time, and swim specific portions of every race. We offer a ton of different pieces of equipment to help you elevate your dryland program. Dryland HAS to connect to the water. If you cannot connect the movements you do in dryland to the water, the swimmers will not try 100% in dryland. The goal of Dryland is to increase strength of muscles used in the stroke and races as well as improving flexibility, stroke technique, improving range of motion, and training young swimmers.

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