Proper Reuse and Care of Commercial Masks

Care and Maintenance of Masks:

  • For Patient-facing staff, we recommend reusing N95 masks for weeks or even a month or more if needed
  • Do NOT use home made masks (even our filtered suggestions) unless you have no more N95. Reusing an N95 is safer

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Record number of hours with a pen directly on your mask/filter
  • Sterilize mask every day (hang in kitchen oven for 30 min at 158 ℉, do not exceed 200 ℉)


  • Do not use any liquid sanitizers, hand gel, etc. on your mask
  • Do not use a locally made mask, unless it contains a commercial mask or filter material as approved by your department


  • Masks can be sterilized by hanging inside a kitchen oven for 30 min at 158 ℉ (do not exceed 200 ℉)

  • If you are using a homemade mask with a removable filter, remove the filter and sterilize it in the oven for 30 min at 158 ℉

  • Homemade outer covers can be wash/dried in normal washing machines (be sure to remove filters and commercial mask materials before washing)

Filter Options:

  • If patient-facing staff have no N95 masks available, see our ‘Hospital filtered masks’
  • Can use AAMI-3 surgical gowns and CSR Sterilizing wraps cut into full masks (preferred) or as insert filters in homemade masks