Wrist Band

Wrist Band


  • Create the muscle memory of a straight wrist
  • Very comfortable elastic
  • Easy to install
  • Works with ANY 1FastCatch Paddle and Wrist Trainer
  • Now you can control your wrist angle with a wide range of paddle types and drill methods
  • Provides a 4-step approach to wrist training:







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Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

  1. CONTROL the wrist angle with the Wrist Band/Wrist Trainer on any of our paddles
  2. Remove the Wrist Band and just REMIND the wrists to stay straight with the Wrist Trainer only
  3. Use paddles without any wrist element to CONFIRM the Muscle Memory is intact
  4. Intermittently use the Wrist Trainer with and without the Wrist Band to REINFORCE good wrist angles

US. Pat. No. 7,361,070


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