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StarteStarter Kit Family small filer Kit


Here is the ideal way to try out most of our 1FastCatch paddle line. Most coaches have a hard time deciding where to start when first testing our paddles. This kit will let you try our most critical components and see where they fit in your system. While it is great to have enough of each of our paddles for an entire group of swimmers, we also recommend that you have enough of our parts on deck to customize your training for each individual. If Joe uses a straight arm instead of an EVF, he should grab our EVF kit for freestyle sets. If Anne is dropping her elbow our Precision paddle will be ideal for her. If Bob presses his hand outward when he breathes, the Glide paddle will help him fix that problem. During your normal sets, each swimmer can be encouraged to take control of their own problems and use the equipment they need until the problem is resolved. Have a few sets of our paddles available to help each swimmer solve their individual problems.

Included in the Starter Kit:

  • Set of Touch paddles (for power development)
  • Set of Glide paddles (for front end stability and balance)
  • Set of Precision paddles (for dropped elbow and for displacement sets for improved cardio)
  • Set of Precise paddles (for perfecting the front of the EVF catch)
  • Set of Wrist Trainers (fits on all of our paddles to train a minimal wrist break)
  • Set of Power Pads (ideal with the Wrist Trainer and Precise paddle as our EVF Kit)
  • Set of Wrist Bands (locks the wrist straight with the Wrist Trainer)

Over 20 Combinations out of 1 Starter Kit!!

Paddle Only Paddles+ Paddles+ Paddles+ Paddles+
Wrist Trainer Wrist Trainer + Wrist Band Wrist Trainer + Power Pad Wrist Trainer + Wrist Band + Power Pad
Touch x x x x x
Glide x x x x x
Precision x x x x x
Precise x x x x x

Bonus! Get our lightweight 1FlexBand with the kit as well. Our band offers over 12 unique uses out of 1 band. Ideal as a safety strap for holding buoys between your feet. Great to help learn to hide the recovery on your breast stroke kick or to restrict the width of your breast stroke knees.  Also works in the water as a kick restrictor to limit the bend of your knees or to power your kick. PLUS lots of dryland drills and uses. 

Limited time pricing!  

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