LAT Paddles

Build Lat Muscle Chain

Finally, a product to develop key stroke muscles.

The Lat muscles connecting your pinky and ring finger are the largest muscle group in your arm strokes. However, our thumb, forefinger, and middle finger muscles override these critical muscles in our stroke. Our 1FastCatch Lat Paddles will develop these key muscles better than any other method or tool!







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Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

2 sizes available:
  1. Slim Lat (Blue)- females and most high school
  2. Regular Lat (Red)- college and pro

How to Use:

  • Step 1- Place both ring finger and middle on each side of the T-grip and THROUGH the elastic strap
  • Step 2- Then it is critical to squeeze the thumb over the pointer and middle finger

Improve the engagement the Latissimi Dorsi and the Tres Minors


  • It is critical that you fold your thumb/pointer/middle fingers or else you will engage the wrong muscle groups
  • The reason we don’t typically engage the Lat muscle group is that our thumb and pointer finger override other muscles
Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):
  • The Lat paddles require a reasonably straight stroke under the shoulder (don’t S stroke)
  • Initial engage the catch with the fingertips (ring/pinky fingers only) to press down
  • To keep the paddles from coming off on the outsweep, you need bend your wrist back to ‘push’ and hold the water

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Advanced Muscle Development with Lat Paddle:

Increase the Lat power using less yardage by removing the kick and pulling only, or by adding parachutes/drag

  • Add power bags on feet
  • Add Power Bags as parachute
  • Add Power Bags as skirt (with or without weights or added drag inside)

Increase even more Lat power by adding imbalance such as ankle straps, ankle floats, etc…

  • Strap the ankles with the 1FlexBand, or Ankle Band
  • Add a pull buoy between the ankles

Use the Lat Paddles at the end of a hard pull set (bicep focus on first half of set)

  • Start a pull set with power for the entire hand such as Touch Paddles or Glide paddles
  • About half way through the Pull set, switch to the Lat paddles and focus on the Lat/teres muscles

Use the Lat Paddles at the end of a hard pull set (forearm focus on first half of set)

  • Use displacement paddles (Precision), balls, or fist drills for the first half of a pull set
  • Switch to Lat Paddles to focus on the lat/teres muscles for the second half of the pull set


United States Patent No. 9,943,726