KickMax Kit

Maximum Displacement from Hand and Wrist

KickMax Kit

  • Combines the 1FastCatch Brute, Wrist Trainer, and Displacement Pad
  • This kit displaces from fingertips to several inches below your wrist
  • Only a portion of your forearm will catch water
  • This forces a near-perfect EVF and drives your kick like never before
  • Use this system with timed sets to force one of your hardest workout options
  • The 3 parts can be used separately with other components of the 1FastCatch line:
  • The Brute is a great paddle for hard workouts by itself
  • The Wrist Trainer will work with any 1FastCatch paddles
  • The displacement pad can be added to the Precision and Precise paddles.
  • Ideal for men, women, and swimmers 11+ years old










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