Junior Paddles

Junior sizes of our adult paddles

  • Ideal for training younger swimmers (ages 9+)
  • Strapless design allows a relaxed hand and the ultimate ‘feel’ of stroke movements
  • Small enough to avoid shoulder strain
  • All paddles optionally attach to our Wrist Trainer to remind swimmers not to break their wrist
  • Enforces a full outsweep at end of stroke
  • Additional hole at the base of all junior paddles allows you to thread the safety strap for a more secure attachment to wrist while learning

Junior Glide

juniorglidewithwristtrainer     juniorglide

5 fins designed to provide instant feedback of any undesired side-to-side stroke movements Very slight downward angle for a natural hand entry
Used for:

  • Elongating strokes
  • Stabilizing side-to-side balance
  • Allowing swimmers to feel all undesired lateral movements

Junior Touch








Strapless all-around power paddle
Used for:

  • Great paddle for young swimmers to get used to paddles
  • Helping natural catch
  • Texture surface and holes under hand to help ‘feel’ the water

Junior Precision









Displacement paddle to train an Early Vertical Forearm (EVF)
Used for:

  • Training EVF technique
  • Removes power from hand, forcing stronger kicks on timed sets
  • Catch bin in the back of paddle trains not to drop the elbow or engage pull horizontally

Patent Pending