Corrects Straight Arm Strokes


Combines the 1FastCatch Precise, Wrist Trainer, and Power Pad

Provides the IDEAL paddle to train your Early Vertical Forearm (EVF)

This kit will overcome the 3 main problems with EVF:

  1. The Wrist Trainer will resolve broken wrist problems
  2. The Precise paddle will resolve dropped elbow (or leading with elbow)
  3. The Power Pad/Precise combo will force an EVF instead of straight-arm engagements

The 3 parts can be used separately with other components of the 1FastCatch line:

  • The Precise paddle by itself is a great way to fine tune your stroke from time to time
  • The Power Pad can be added to the Glide or Touch paddles for a strong workout
  • The Wrist Trainer can be used with any of the 1FastCatch paddles












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Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

 Correct Straight Arm Engagement (no elbow bend)

  • The Power Pad on the wrist will place pressure on the wrist, while the paddle displaces pressure the hand
  • This same function can be done by combining the Precision Paddle, Wrist Trainer, and Power Pad
  • Single Arm drills can help swimmers feel this paddle and bend their elbow
Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):
  • This paddle set will FEEL like reaching over the lane line to stroke
  • Be sure to FEEL your elbow bending immediately after your press down with your fingertips

Using the EVF Kit to Fine Tune Freestyle Catch

Coaches – Watch For These Problems

Don’t grab the sides of paddle:

Don’t place pointer/middle fingers around T-Grip:

Don’t press the T-grip with the middle knuckle:

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United States Patent No. 9,943,726