1FastCatch Paddles

Finally, a paddle line diverse enough to ignite the evolution of your strokes!
The 1FastCatch family of paddles brings together the tools you need to optimize the early catch phase of all strokes while powering the entire stroke. We incorporate our own patent pending method of a relaxed-hand, strapless T-grip as well as textured surfaces to offer you a one-of-a-kind touch sensitive experience.

Our competitors offer only one way of holding their paddles, whereas we include up to 3 securing methods; strapless T-Grip, safety strap, and/or a middle finger elastic. All the components of the 1FastCatch line are linked together as a family by our removable Wrist Trainer which is optional for all the paddles to help remind (not force) you to minimize your wrist bend while creating muscle memory and reducing shoulder stress.

Whether you are looking to improve your stroke technique, power, hand position, or body alignment, the 1FastCatch line has a wide range of tools to assist you like no other paddles have in the past. Our paddles offer much more than just increasing the surface area of your hand. They give you the tools you need to fine tune your training.

The responsive paddle line that changes with your needs
Link for incorporating our paddles into group/team training for very efficient technique corrections