Power & Flexibility Uses / Wet or Dry Uses

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Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

In-Water Uses:
  • Use swim band as a power band (1 foot in center opening)
  • Flutter restrictor (both feet in outer openings of band)
  • Breast knee restrictor (band strap just below knees)
  • Breast knee trainer (both knees in center opening of band)
  • Hide breast recovery (swim band vibrates when exposed)
Dryland uses:
  • Kick muscle development
  • Plantar flex
  • Ankle rotation
  • Breast engagement and whip
  • Strengthen diveblock toe power
  • Race warm-up flexibility
  • Many other uses
2 Gauges:
  • Light
  • Heavy

Power Your Kick!

Lengthens your kick with less knees, and higher hips  (similar to our KickBand)

To Use: First ankle through the outer loop, Other ankle through the Center loop only





Ankle Buoy Strap

Ideal to convert nearly any pull buoy into an ankle buoy

Squeezing a buoy between our ankles is great for developing kick-specific muscles but also great to power the ‘recovery’ phase of your Fly kick when kicking on your back at the surface.  Ankle buoys are also great for practicing our flip and open turns.

To Use: slide the buoy into the center loop.  Place each ankle in the 2 outer loops of ankle band


Restrict Your Knees while Flutter Kicking

Beginners often bend their knees too much on Freestyle and Backstroke
The 1FlexBand can quickly restrict the knees and lengthen their kick

To Use:  Each ankle in an outside loop on either side of ankle band




Restrict the Width of the Breaststroke Knees

The thighs and knees need to remain about shoulder width to prevent excess resistance. Our band will help train an ideal kick width

Strap is tight so you can use it BELOW the knees which is the ideal place to help you FEEL resistance when recovering your legs.   Even advanced swimmers will learn to ‘hide their kick’ better by using our strap just BELOW the knees.

To Use:  Place the outer loops just below (or above) each knee

Train the Ideal Breast Kick

  • Better than a buoy between knees as the buoy forces the hips too high instead of hips moving forward
  • Controls a shoulder-width breast kick (with knees in the 2 outer cuffs of ankle band)
  • Trains the ankles to quickly flex out and catch as much water as possible (when knees are in middle and outer cuff of band)
  • Trains a complete whip kick around and back behind the body (knees in middle and outer cuff)
  • Add the Power Bags to the feet (close the bottoms to keep feet inside bags) for more breast kick power
  • Kick vertical with the 1FlexBand to ensure the most power and quality

Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):

  • FEEL your feet recover fast and fully
  • FEEL your feet catch water with the outer edge of feet as high as possible
  • FEEL your feet (big toes) finish completely together
  • SEE the feet finish up close to the surface and not down below the body

Using the 1FlexBand to Fine Tune Breast kicking

Use the 1FlexBand as an Ankle Strap (both ankles in center cuff)

  • The 1FlexBand easily holds by Ankles together by putting both ankles inside the middle cuff
  • Use ankle band for pull sets to train the core to press the chest and raise the legs
  • Makes pull sets much harder due to the added drag of the legs lower in the water
  • Add a pull buoy between the ankles to create more imbalance to the front of body

Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):

  • As your feet sink, press down on your chest to help drive up your legs
  • Alternate between adding a pull buoy between the ankles in different sets
  • Feel any ‘fishtail’ of your legs and use your core to stabilize your side-to-side balance

Using the 1FlexBand to Fine Tune Upper Body Strength

Reduce Knee Bend on Flutter Kicking

  • When using the 1FlexBand on the ankles using the 2 outer cuffs, you can restrict excessive knee bend on flutter kicking
  • When using the 1FlexBand on the middle and 1 outer cuff, you can power up your kick with resistance

Restrict Breaststroke Arm Width

  • The 1FlexBand can be used either above the elbows or below the elbow for your Breast catch

Improve Flip Turns

  • Flip Turns can be greatly improved when you hold a buoy between your ankles… but are easily dropped.
  • Insert a buoy into the middle cuff and ankles in the 2 outer cuffs for flip turn practice
  • The floatation of the buoy forces a faster recovery that has to drive down into the water with power

Drills: 5 stroke Flip turn (drive the buoy underwater so you can finish a 360 turn to keep swimming forward)
Mid-pool flip turns
Normal flip turns on the wall
Double Flip turns on the wall

Feedback (Swimmers FEEL / Coaches SEE / Video for Self-Analysis):

  • Focus on your speed on the recovery to drive the buoy under the body

Using the 1FlexBand to Fine Tune Flip Turns

Band Feet Together on Pull Sets

  • Slide both feet in the middle cuff of the ankle band
  • Creates instability and drag resistance for harder pull sets
  • Add a pull buoy between the feet to add more instability but less drag

Dryland Exercises

1FlexBand goes everywhere with you to improve your range of motion and power. Ideal before practices and meets to improve your speed and power. Simple to use at home or work

Build Stronger Kick Muscles 

Improve kick muscles from rump to toes

Place 1 ankle inside outer loop of ankle band (anchoring leg)

Place ball of other foot inside second outer loop of ankle band (flexing leg)

Hang the second foot over the side of steps, pool, etc… and press elongated foot/leg forward or back to power all kick muscles

Switch feet


Plantar Flex   

Improve range of motion of your ankles for all strokes

Place both feet inside the center loop of ankle band

Place 1 heel on top of the opposite foot

Flex both toes in opposite directions (one up, one down)

Switch the foot that is on top and repeat


Ankle Rotation

Improve outward ankle flexibility

Place both feet inside the center loop

Rotate feet outward as far down as possible

Move one foot to an outer loop and leave the first in center


       Rotate feet further outward

Move both feet to be in the outer loops and flex even further toward the floor

Toe Power     

Power your dive starts and turns

Attach 1 end of strap to fixed object

Hook other outer loop under big toe, with foot flat on floor

Pull inward to flex toe

Switch feet



Breast Kick Engagement    

Powering your initial breast catch

Attach 1 end of strap to fixed object

Get close to the attachment point with hips and hold the closet leg up in air

Hook ball of foot into outer loop

    Rotate foot out and inward

    Switch feet


Breast Kick Whip

Powering your final  breaststroke feet whip

Attach 1 end of strap to fixed object

Stretch your leg forward along side the strap

Hook ball of foot into outer loop

Rotate foot inward to simulate the whip finish of your breast kick

Switch feet

How to Use the 1FlexBand

Fix too much knees while flutter kicking
  • Sit on the side of pool and kick watching the knees
  • Face the wall and kick without using knees
  • Kick only with 1FlexBand (feet in outside cuffs)
Fix too much knee width on Breaststroke kick
  • Kick only with pull buoy between legs
  • Kick only with 1Flexband (outside cuffs around knees)
  • Swim with 1FlexBand around knees in middle and outer cuff
Fix too much elbow width on Breaststroke pull
  • Double arm bending elbow drill- arms extended forward and bend down to a 90-degree angle without the elbows moving and hands don’t go past the elbow
  • Pull only with the 1FlexBand over the elbows (outer cuffs)
  • Full stroke with 1FlexBand over the elbows (outer cuffs)
Improve the strength of the flutter kick
  • Kick with one ankle in the middle cuff and the other in one of the outer cuffs
Improve balance
  • Pull set with both legs in the middle cuff
  • Pull only with a pull buoy in the middle cuff with ankles in outer cuffs
Improve flip turns
  • Pull buoy in the middle cuff and each ankle in the outer cuffs
    • 5 stroke flip turn
    • Mid pool flip turn
    • Flip turns (at both sets of flags, at mid pool and at the wall)
Improve workouts
  • Ankle buoy
    • Pull sets
    • 5 stroke flip
    • Mid pool flips
    • Flipping at different points (flags, mid pool, wall)
  • Middle and outer cuff
    • Flutter kicking sets
    • Breaststroke kicking sets with the cuffs around the knees
  • Both feet in the middle cuff
    • Pull sets