Training with the Precision Paddle

How to Use the Precision Paddle:

*These drills on this page are explained in more detail with visual aids in Training for Perfection. They are reviewed here to suggest ways to use the Precision Paddle.

Fix a Dropped Elbow
  • Bending Elbow drill- alternating arms, looking at the elbow when bending the elbow
  • 5 point Lead Hand- stroke with the problem arm and stop at each step
  • Lead Hand Stability- Precision on the stroking hand and on the non-stroking hand has either the Glide Paddle if drifting out side-to-side or the Precision Paddle if laying on the lead arm as a platform to breathe.
  • Alternating arm 5 point stroke- stroke with both arms bending and extending at the same time
Fix Pressing down when breathing
  • Lead Hand Stability-
    • Two Precision Paddles so when the swimmer presses down the arm will sink
    • If still pressing down, increase the displacement by adding the Wrist Trainer and Displacement Pad
  • Single arm stroking with one hand down with hand down breathing toward stroking arm
    • One hand down, stroking with the other arm, breathing towards the stroking arm
    • This will teach them how to not rely on the opposite arm when breathing
Fix a Leading elbow on outsweep
  • Keep the fingers and thumb relaxed on the paddle so the paddle is able to move on the hand
  • Water will catch on the back of the paddle if the swimmer exits the water too early (at the hips)
  • Want to finish the stroke by touching the thumb to the thigh with the elbow locked
  • Catch up at thighs
    • This will get them to stop and think about the placement of the finish of their stroke
    • Add the Precision Paddles to this drill to emphasize the finish and exit of the stroke
  • Double arm 5 point stroke-
    • This will connect the timing and placement of the finish
      • Timing- connecting the hand extension after the entry and the finish by touching the thumb to the thigh


Improve Higher elbow catch
  • Bending Elbow drill- hands at a 45 degree angle then alternate bending the arm to a 90 degree bend then go back up to the 45 degree angle
    • Do this drill with the Precision Paddle
  • Do high speed work with Precision Paddles
Improve the Forearm power
  • Bending elbow drill
Improve the Power of the kick
  • Increase the displacement on the forearm on timed sets to push the kick
Improve workouts
  • Pull only sets:
    • Switching between a bare hand and the Precision Paddle for various distances
  • Swim sets
    • Advancing the amount of displacement with Precision, Brute, Wrist Trainer plus Displacement Pad
    • Try to do regular restart times with Precision to increase the kick
Workout Components
Pre-set Components
  • Bending elbow drill
  • Single Arm stroking with opposite arm up, Breathing with every stroke
  • Single arm stroking with opposite arm down
    • Breathing towards stroking arm with every stroke
    • Breathing away from stroking arm with every stroke
Main Set Components
  • 4 x
    • 50 swim no paddles (25 high speed and 25 slow speed) @:15 rest
    • 50 swim w/Precision Paddles (slow speed to mid, high speed to wall) @:15 rest
  • 5 x
    • 75 pull only w/Precision (high speed 50, slow speed 25) @:15 rest
    • 3 x 25 high speed w/Precision @:15 rest
  • 5 x (Lat Paddle, Touch Paddle, bare hand, Precision Paddle, and Precision Paddle + Displacement Pad)
    • 2 x 75 (25 heads up, 25 pull only, 25 high speed swim) @:15 rest
    • 2 x 50 (25 high speed to mid then low speed, 25 low speed to mid then high speed) @:15 rest
    • 4 x 25 high speed pull only @:15 rest