#ONETrainSavage Main Set- 400 IM

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#ONETrainSavage : a combination/swim/dryland set designed to get MAXIMUM effort.

Purpose: Simulate a 400 IM Race in the Main Set

*edit distance, exercises and equipment to suit you*
10 Bar Dips
100 FLY for Time
20 Squat Jumps w/Med Ball
100 BK for Time
100 BR Pull Out Challenge
100 BR for Time
100 FR 3 Pull Ups + Wall out
100 FR for Time

Set modifications for different levels:
Younger Swimmers: Change all distances and number of reps for exercises to suit your group
Adult Swimmers: Decrease the distance to 50s or 75s on the swims
College/Pro Swimmers: Add Weight Belt to whole set and increase the number of reps for each exercise

Set Explained:

This #ONETrainSavage trains the swimmers to push through the exhaustion that comes with the 400 IM race. Before each 100 for time we are focused on one part of the stroke.

100 FLY- focused on the arms with bar dips
Variations: do push ups, burpees, Med Ball Slams etc.

100 BK- focused on the legs with squat jumps
Variations: do no weight, more weight, etc.

100 BR- focused on Pull Outs and Cardio with doing multiple Pull Outs (1, 2, 3, 2) throughout the 100
Variations: do a constant number of Pull Outs, etc.

100 FR- focused on cardio by doing 270 flip turn into hopping out of pool and the 3 pull ups on the ladder
Variations: do push ups at end of the lane, burpees, or squats in place of the pull ups on ladder

2 Step Platform
Use any stable platform or bench around knee height around deck.

Med Ball
We are using a 10 lb med ball for the squat jumps, but you can use a lesser weight or no weight at all.

In place of the ladder you can have the swimmers do shooters or push ups at the end of the lane after they hop out.