#ONETrainSavage- Back Kick- Resisted Kicking/Tempo/Dryland Kicking

#ONETrainSavage : a combination/swim/dryland set designed to get MAXIMUM effort.

Purpose: Power the BK Kick muscles and Cardio

Set: 30s all out / 15s rest
*set metronome at .2s*
Power Bags on calves BK Kick
Power Bags on Feet BK Kick
Dryland Kick Assembly w/ 6lb weight overhead

Set modifications for different levels:
Younger Swimmers: no equipment or weight
Adult Swimmers: Keep Power Bags on Calves whole time
College/Pro Swimmers: Add Weight Belt to whole set and add a larger weight overhead on the Dryland Kick Assembly

Set Explained:
This #ONETrainSavage trains the technique and builds the Kick muscles at the same time. By adding resistance to the kick with the Power Bags on the calves and on the feet the swimmers will engage more muscle while focusing on keeping the legs long. The swimmers will focus on technique (i.e. long legs, minimal knee bend, pointed toes, tempo) while kicking on the Dryland Kick Assembly. With the Metronome you can control how fast the swimmers kick with the ONEFocus Headset. The Headset allows you to talk to the swimmers and remind them about technical corrections.


Power Bags

  • Add quick resistance to any set
  • Resistance for your feet like drag socks
  • Resistance for your forearms
  • Resistance for your calves
  • Resistance for your hips

Dryland Kick Assembly

  • Keeping kick technique in check
  • Build the Kick muscles in the correct Kinetic Muscle Chain
  • Door Mounting system offered

Metronome Free App

  • Control the tempo of the stroke or kick

ONEFocus Headset

  • Talk to your swimmers 100% of practice
  • Prepare swimmers for the next set component
  • Makes practice much more productive

For a #ONETrainSavage Reference sheet Click Here

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