#ONETrainSavage- Cardio-Battle of the Beast Ropes Skaters, Flutter Kicking, and Jump Ropes

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#ONETrainSavage : a combination/swim/dryland set designed to get MAXIMUM effort.

Purpose: Build the Cardio of the swimmers
*edit time, exercises and equipment to suit you*
4x through 30 secs on / 15 secs rest
Flutter Kicks Laying on bench/Jump Box/ Physio Ball
Side-to-Side Skaters w/ Battle of the Beast Ropes
Jump Ropes

Set modifications for different levels:
Younger Swimmers: Use a bench or stable platform, Do side skaters without the Battle of the Beast Ropes
Adult Swimmers: Do set as explained
College/Pro Swimmers: Add Ankle Weights to whole set

Set Explained:
This #ONETrainSavage sole purpose is to get the heart rate up and keep it up during the whole set.

Flutter Kicks- lift legs and kick
Variations: add ankle weights, arms in streamline, slower kick tempo, etc.

Side-to-Side Skaters w/ Battle of the Beast Ropes- jump side-to side and squat down under tension from the Battle of the Beast Ropes
Variations: add more resistance, add Weight Belt, etc.

Jump Ropes- double jump (NO skipping through the ropes)
Variations: add Weight Belt, require a double under jump, etc.

Use any stable platform or bench around knee height around deck.

Battle of the Beast Ropes
Battle of the Beast Ropes are simply resisted Battle Ropes. You can do regular Battle Rope exercises now under tension which requires more core engagement than a normal exercise.

Jump Rope
Any Jump Rope is perfect. Weighted Jump Ropes would also be good with this workout.