#ONETrainSavage-100 Fly w/Push Up Variations

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#ONETrainSavage : a combination/swim/dryland set designed to get maximize effort, technique and focus on a specific part of the swim.

Purpose: Simulate the end of a 200 FLY Race

*edit distance, exercises and equipment to suit you*
5 Push Ups Hands Elevated on Stability Ball
5 Uneven Push Ups Hands Elevated on Stability Ball
5 Push Ups Hands on Fit Board
5 Push Ups Feet Elevated on platform
5 Push Ups Feet Elevated on Physio Ball
100 FLY for Time

Set modifications for different levels:
Younger Swimmers: basic plank and 25 FLY for time
Adult Swimmers: push ups on the side of pool
College/Pro Swimmers: Add Weight Belt to whole set

Set Explained:
This #ONETrainSavage trains the swimmers to push through the exhaustion that comes with the 200 Fly race. Before the 100 for time we are focused on wearing out the arms with different variations of Push Ups.

100 FLY- focused on keeping the arms moving
Variations: do less yardage to suit you/your groups, add resistance (Power Bags/ Parachute/ Long Stretch Cord)

Push Ups
Variations: do more or less push ups, change the height of the platforms, do the variations on the ONE Suspension System

Stability Ball/Fit board
Use any stable platform or jump box or ONE Suspension System

Physio Ball
We are using the ONE Physio Ball and we filled it up with some sand to make it more stable. With the sand in the bottom we do not have to worry too much about kids falling off the ball.