ONE Focus

  • Tired of trying to get your point across in 15 sec?
  • Tired of yelling so swimmers can hear you?
  • Bone conduction, not earphones
  • Radio waves means it STAYS ON underwater (blue tooth devices turn off when underwater)

  • Talk to your entire team CONSTANTLY
  • Let them relax at the wall, talk to them while they swim
  • 7 channels for different coaches/groups at the same time
  • Up to 150 yards from the swimmers
  • 2 ways to buy them.. as a team or as a swimmer:
    • Team – buy 10 headsets with 1 transmitter/mic
      • Coach charges the units and keeps them
      • Optional storage and charging holder
    • Swimmer – buys a single headset with carry case and AC/car charger
      • Swimmer charges at home or on the car ride
      • If they forget their headset, they miss practice (just like forgetting their suit)
  • For more reasons on why to get the ONE Focus Headset, here is a SwimSwam article: HERE

*Sorry, we have a no return policy for this item as they can not be repaired







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