Mercersburg Academy

Notes on your equipment:
  • Kickboard, Buoy, Snorkel.  Any of your choice are OK.  If you already have them, use what you have or are comfortable with.
  • Power Bags (Drag Sox): Get size – PB40
  • Resistance Gloves, I called them mesh gloves in my email.
  • Parachute (8″ or 10″ for less experienced athletes. 12″ for those with more experience. If you are not sure, text or email Glenn)
  • Gear Bag (color of your choice)
  • Stroke Master Paddles (If you are a Breast/Fly type, you may want one set in a smaller size for use with strokes or and another size appropriate for freestyle)
  • Sculling Paddles, Returning athletes will tell you that we love to scull.

If you have any questions, call, email, or text Coach Glenn.