Make Your Own – Face Shields


  • DIY masks are quick and cheap to make with a few simple tools
  • They will protect your eyes and can help protect your mask







Assembly Steps:

  1. Use ‘overhead projector’ sheets
  2. Cut sheets in half (8.5″x5.5″) (only covers eyes) or 3/4 size (8.5″x8″) to cover eyes and mask
  3. Cut 4-5″ long strips of weather stripping (any size will work)
  4. Use hole punch to punch 4 holes along the top
  5. Thread string/elastic cord
  6. Add weather stripping to forehead area





Sterilizing DIY Shields:

  • The entire mask can be hung inside a kitchen oven for 30 min at 158 ℉ (no more than 180 ℉)
  • There is no data to confirm for certain that this heat will kill deep into the foam but logically it will work fine