Locally Made Masks

Supplemental Instructions for Sewing Masks with Elastic Cording:

Add a filter:

  • The YouTube and links below summarize a well-fitting DIY face mask. However we recommend adding a filter
  • Cotton is ‘better than nothing’ but it is safer if you add a filter! Buy ‘fusible interfacing’ to iron onto the inside of your mask as a filter. It is not perfect but certainly better than just 2 layers of cotton.
  • With the iron-on fusible interface you can just wash your entire mask and reuse as much as you need to.
  • Securing Options:

  • Ties are better than elastic ear bands as they hold closer to your face and is easier to source ribbon than elastics these days.
  • Filter Options:

  • Most mask designs (sewn or 3d printed) need to have the ability to remove the filters so the outer housing can be cleaned separate from the filter.
  • If you are using a Surgical Mask as your filter, it must be removed from the mask and sterilized in the oven (see details below)
  • The exception is for the meltblown polyester (fusible interface) filter used in our personal use (non-medical masks), these can be ironed in place and washed with the mask. They are not as effective as commercial face masks but real masks should be saves for healthcare workers so the fusible interface is the most practical filter for homemade masks
  • Care, Cleaning and Sterilizing-DIY cotton masks and Fusible Interface Filters:

  • Cotton outer housings can be cleaned with washing machines/dryers
  • Fusible Interface filters can be ironed in place to the cotton masks and left intact when washing/drying the mask in a washing machine
  • Care, Cleaning and Sterilizing-Removable commercial face masks:

  • Commercial face masks should NOT be treated with sanitizers or other liquid exposure. They must NOT be washed
  • Should be sterilized either by:
    • kitchen-type oven for 30 min at 70C/158F
    • Autoclave treatments at 135C for standard time frame
  • Here are PDF files that you can print and use as a pattern templates:
    Guide and template for masks
    Guide and template for masks with filter

    Here are SVG files that you can use for your Cricut and similar machines:
    Download files and templates here