Lil’ Red Kick

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The First Neutrally Buoyant Alignment Kickboard!


  • Improve body position
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Due to it being neutrally buoyant, the Lil’ Red Kick can be easily submerged underwater
  • Multiple ways to hold with one or 2 hands
  • Strap is removable so you can use it as one of the more comfortable ankle straps available

For Technique:

  • Makes more aware of side-to- side movements when breathing
  • Great for catch-up drills (in water and overhead)
  • Align the Streamline & Body Position While Kicking (on surface and underwater)
  • Use as Weights for Drills (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Smooth Out/Stabilize Undulations
  • Discourages Curved Streamline off walls
  • Keeps Arms Back in Water during Back Kicking
  • Keeps chest down and hips up


Comparing Lil’ Red Kick to neutrally buoyant foam kickboards:

Lil’ Red Kick Weighted foam boards
Smooth flip turns Disrupts flip turns
Easily controlled off walls Lifts and drives you up to surface
Does not interfere with undulations Cannot undulate properly
Builds core to support yourself Relaxes core by supporting arms
Unstable so you can use your core Stable platform to support you
Upgrade with our Power Weights Weighted version only