How to Install the Eel-Fin

Attaching the Eel-Fins to the legs:
  1. Open up the straps so they are still attached to the slots of the Eel-Fin but fully open
  2. Place the fin flat on the front of the shins with the longer strap just below your knees
  3. Tightly wrap the top strap around the back of both knees
  4. Wrap the second strap around the top of the ankles
  5. Wrap the third strap around the balls of the feet
Adding the Lil’ Red Kick:
  1. Add the Lil’ Red Kick into the 2 slots at the far end of the fin when first using.  Be sure to move WITH the pendulum with very large undulations
  2. As you move the Lil’ Red Kick closer to the feet, the tempo of the undulations will increase
Adjusting the Lil’ Red Kick:
  1.  Start with the weight at the far end of the Eel-Fin to create a full, balanced ‘big fish’ undulation
  2.  Move the weight closer to the feet to train a faster undulation
  3.  Move the weight up to the toes to develop a 0.45 sec undulation cycle
  4.  Remove the weight for longterm training of the muscles and power
Adjusting Eel-Fin Straps:


Installs straps through the front of the fin with the soft Velcro facing your legs.


Top strap fits over the calves, middle strap fits over the heels.


While the response is best if the lower strap is around the balls of your feet, these can come off, so it is best to attach the lower strap around the middle of your feet.


For extreme cases in which strong swimmers are kicking out, you can thread the strap through the top again and leave an open pocket for your feet.


Leave enough room to just slide the middle of your feet into the strap which now can not be broken loose.