• Trains low breathing
  • Comfort fit
  • Trains breathing out the side of mouth
  • Builds lung capacity
  • Dual mouthpiece design
  • Trains breathing behind bow wave






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Additional Uses/Tips/Support:

Arm Down, Single Arm Freestyle Drill

  • The Unco drill (single arm stroke with non-stroking arm down) is perhaps the best drill to learn a low breath
  • You will need a strong kick to get enough forward momentum to create a bow wave behind your head
  • Practice this drill with the InHaler in the breathing side of the mouth:
    • Breathe toward the stroking arm (every stroke) the first few laps
    • Then breathe away from the stroking arm (every stroke) the next few laps
    • Then breathe toward on the first stroke, no breath on the second stroke, away from the stroke on 3rd, repeat