IM Sets When All Swimmers Start Away From The Walls

Social distancing with over 2 people per lane can get confusing during IM sets. Do you start off in Fly? Do you split up the Free leg?

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June 10th, 2020

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For most of us, we are either back in the water or coming back soon. Chances are you have a social distance process in place for your lane and chances are that it is 1-2 people per lane. With our club team, we have a process that allows 6 per lane with swimmers 10 feet apart, and no one starts on the wall. This article is where you can find more information about what system we are using: Safely Getting Swim Teams Back in the Water: An Example Workout.

One thing with social distancing down the lane with more than 2 people per lane is it gets confusing with IMs. Do you start off in Fly? Do you split up the Free leg?

We split the FR leg of the IM so that we start with free to the first wall, and then finish to our Station Marker after the last wall. This video describes a 100 IM with a circle lane swim concept with a FR lap between each stroke which allows the swimmer more room for each stroke and clean water.


  1. From the Station Marker start with Freestyle
  2. Once you hit the wall, start the Fly for 25 yards
  3. Continue with Back and Breast for each wall
  4. Finish to the station marker with Freestyle for a True 100 yard IM

Example Set:
Set designed with the Station Markers

4x through:

  • 50 FR Swim
  • 4 x 50 Reverse IM Order ALL OUT
  • 100 FR Swim
  • 100 IM
  • 50 RACE for time (IM Order change stroke each round)