FR Head: Building the Stroke

Building Block: Demonstrate with a Foam Head


  • Make one goggle stay in the water
  • Show them what they look like


Building Block: One Hand on the Wall


  • One hand on the wall
  • Kick to get your body on the surface
  • Optional: have the other hand on the wall below the water


Building Block: Stroking with InHaler


  • Put the InHaler in the corner of the mouth and practice breathing out of one side of the mouth
  • Practice keeping one goggle in the water at all times


Building Block: Creating a Bow Wave


Building Block: Unco Drill


  • Make sure one goggle is always in the water
  • Rotating the head laterally and not vertically


Building Block: Lead Hand Stability


  • Working on breathing while working on stroke technique
  • Translates the good breathing to the actually stroke